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This is a group which, at present, consists of strings and some wood wind, but welcomes almost any orchestral instrument. We work on mainly classical repertoire at a more advanced level. Students are expected to be at about grade 5 level and above. 

Our aim is to eventualy turn Senior Ensemble into a Symphony Orchestra


This course is for more advanced students - 11+ age group / Grade 5 standard

Those students that follow the course through will be able to progress all the way to Grade 8 Theory which is accepted by all the major music colleges as an alternative to Music A Level.


The Junior Concert Band is for any young musician who has been playing their instrument for a short while, has learnt a few notes and basic technique but would like their first opportunity to to play in a group.

Playing with others is a fantastic way to learn essential ensemble skills, such as timing, playing in tune, dynamics (balance of volume) and working together to make a good quality sound. 


For children ages 8+ A fun choir singing a mixture of songs, mostly in unison with some simple harmonies. It’s all about about getting kids used to singing with others, getting rid of inhibitions, and making a great sound. Every session starts with some warming up and vocal exercises.


The recorder group is suitable for beginners and those with some recorder playing experience.

The recorder lends itself to interesting opportunities for exploring music elements of melody, rhythm and improvisation.

In the group, skills involving dexterity, coordination and breath control are practiced in the context of enjoying making music


A course for all newcomers to this most versatile of instruments. Learning the technical basics of how to hold and play the guitar and getting to grips with notes and chords.


Develop the confidence to create and set ideas in melodic and lyrical form to harmony. Where does inspiration come from? How do you shape the raw material? How do you arrange the elements of song for best effect? No experience of song writing necessary, just a willingness to participate, collaborate and join in the fun. We use whatever instrumentation there is to hand, and whatever the group can bring.

The folk group provides a rich music education for children of an intermediate level. The music focuses on traditional music of the British Isles as well as world folk traditions and historic folk music traditions.


A course for guitar students who already have a command of the foundations. Those who can play the open position chords (Em, Am, C, G, D, A, E, and F) and change between them with relative ease. Each term we will take various songs and instrumental pieces, breaking them down to focus on technique and theory.  

An exciting guitar course for students who have a basic abillity on the electric guitar and can play a few chords and basic single note riff phrases.

We will follow in the footsteps of the greats & learn to play guitar like Slash, Jimi Hendrix & Kurt Cobain while cultivating your own unique preferential style!

We will bridge the gap between practical & theory whilst focusing on the joy of playing collectively in a group & and rocking out to each individual's strengths.

This course is aimed at 6 - 8 year olds and aims to lay a foundation in music from which students can start learning an instrument and taking part once they are 8 years old in the main groups at SaMM.

The course includes learning recorder, Ukulele, drumming, the basics of reading music and of course lots of singing and creative music making. It covers what was the national curriculum in music education and much more. 


String Orchestra is for orchestral string instruments which are violin, viola, cello and double bass.

We play music from a range of genres including baroque, classical, romantic, twentieth century and musicals. You need to be able to read music and have lessons on your instrument to join.

Feel free to talk to Tom Deam about this ensemble if you have any questions.

This group works on arrangements of jazz compositions, learning about jazz rhythms and styles. The sessions include help with improvisation to build confidence in this very important aspect the music. Almost any instrument is welcome, as long as there is enthusiasm to play jazz.

SaMM Rock Band - details coming soon!