Colin Riley


From my own observations, having worked in music and music education for 40 years, it seems clear that music is a powerful thing. On one level it's something that can provide distraction, comfort and amusement. We use music in this way every day, both consciously and unconsciously. But at a deeper level music is something that changes lives and empowers us.

Catherine Rimer


I am delighted and honoured to be an Ambassador for SaMM, which does such excellent work supporting music-making in Devon.

Having witnessed first-had the expertise, energy and enthusiasm of the highly skilled staff, as well as the wide-eyed wonder and enjoyment of the young participants, I know that this is hugely worthwhile enterprise.

Veronika Shoot


The students at SaMM are surrounded by a rich and positive musical environment in which they obviously thrive. Every time I have worked with the students there, taking various workshops for all levels and ages, I have been struck by the engagement of each and every student, their passion and creativity coupled with a with willingness to learn and participate, as well as the inclusive atmosphere. I always look forward to these exciting mornings full of musical discovery.

Harriet Riley


It was brilliant for me to learn music at SaMM (SaMS in my day!).

So many young people learn musical instruments on their own and don’t get to play together - which is where so much of the joy of music making lies. This Saturday music school has groups for all ages, from grade 1 - grade 8 and has ensembles across many genres meaning there really is a group for everyone.