Session 2: 10.30 - 11.20

Acoustic Guitar

A course for guitar students who already have a command of the foundations. Those who can play the open position chords (Em, Am, C, G, D, A, E, and F) and change between them with relative ease. Each term we will take various songs and instrumental pieces, breaking them down to focus on technique and theory.  

Folk Group

The folk group provides a rich music education for children of an intermediate level. The music focuses on traditional music of the British Isles as well as world folk traditions and historic folk music traditions.


Recorder Group

The recorder group is suitable for beginners and those with some recorder playing experience.

The recorder lends itself to interesting opportunities for exploring music elements of melody, rhythm and improvisation.

In the group, skills involving dexterity, coordination and breath control are practiced in the context of enjoying making music

Senior Ensemble

This is a group which, at present, consists of strings and some wood wind, but welcomes almost any orchestral instrument. We work on mainly classical repertoire at a more advanced level. Students are expected to be at about grade 5 level and above. 

Our aim is to eventualy turn Senior Ensemble into a Symphony Orchestra