Sing and Play

The Sing & Play sessions are fun music learning lessons designed as an opportunity for entry to group music making for 5 – 8yrs, and, if supported by a parent during the lesson, children from 4 years are welcome to join in; it’s a great chance for siblings and friends to make music together.

The Sing & Play lessons provide a foundation for understanding of rhythm, melody and the key skills needed for playing and singing music together in a group. Sing & Play is an ideal way for children to start their music education and participants will be taught introductory recorder playing that enables them to move on to further SaMMs ensembles when the time is right.

The Sing & Play sessions are led by Rachel Thame, a highly experienced classroom teacher and workshop leader, who brings her high aspirations and just a hint of organised chaos to a Saturday morning.

Course Level: 
Time Slot: 
9.30 - 10.20