What we do

SaMM is a Saturday Morning Music School based in Totnes, Devon, UK. We meet every Saturday during term time in the Ariel Centre at KEVICC,

We aim to help children learn and improve musicianship whilst also learning that music is a fun and rewarding social activity and not just a “hard effort” practising alone at home.

We are an inclusive organisation and offer children of all ages and musical abilities – from 4 to 18 and from complete beginner to virtuoso – the opportunity to enjoy making music with others in a wide variety of ensemble workshops.


Saturday 25th November is Strings Day with the Torbay Symphony

The eagle eyed amongst you will have noticed that this term has 11 Saturdays, which means that you are all getting a free Saturday this term!

On the weekend of the 25th/26th November, Torbay Symphony will be holding a STRING WEEEND at KEVICC, and on the Saturday, (25th) all SaMM students will be able to take part in one way or another. We will have with us some amazing soloists on violin, viola and cello and our own Danny Cleave on double bass. Put this date in your diaries!

Programme: Autumn 2017: 9/9 - 7/10, 4/11 - 9/12

9.30 - 10.20

Beginners to Intermediate
Intermediate to Advanced

10.35 - 11.25


11.40 - 12.30


Forthcoming Events

Saturday, 25 November, 2017 - 09:30 to Sunday, 26 November, 2017 - 22:00

The String Concerto Weekend
Concerts, Masterclasses, Talks and Events

Saturday 25th November & Sunday 26th November, 2017
The Ariel Centre, Totnes TQ9 5JX

On the weekend of the 25th/26th November, 2017 the Torbay Symphony is hosting a feast of concerts and events focused on concertos for strings.

Sing and Play children will be invited to a special demonstration and concert at 9.30am in the concert hall. Some of our students are taking part in the masterclasses. All SaMM children and parents are welcome to attend the masterclasses and open rehearsals!

As well as concerts on Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th (see programme below) there will be masterclasses with some outstanding musicians who are also appearing as soloists with the TSO - Ofer Falk (violin), Kaija Lukas (viola), Bozidar Vukotic (cello) and Danny Cleave (double bass).

Add in pre-concert talks, open rehearsals, films and exhibitions and you have an unmissable opportunity to immerse yourself for a weekend in some of the greatest works in the classical repertoire and be part of a festival of music in the heart of our community. We hope you will join us!

Full details on our website at www.torbaysymphony.org
You can book tickets online here or call our ticket hotline on 01548 810146

Saturday 25th November

@ 9.30am: Demonstration of a violn and viola and a short concert for Sing and Play children
@ 10.30pm: Masterclasses with Ofer Falk (Violin) and Kaija Lukas (Viola)
@ 2pm: Open rehearsal with Torbay Symphony Orchestra
@ 6pm: Pre-concert talk

@ 7.30pm - Concert

Vaughan Williams: Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis for Double String Orchestra and String Quartet
Bartok: Concerto for Viola - Soloist: Kaija Lukas
Gordon Jacob: Little Concerto for Double Bass - Soloist: Danny Cleave
Brahms: Double Concerto for Violin and Cello - Soloists: Ofer Falk (Violin), Bozidar Vukotic (Cello)

Sunday 26th November

@ 10.00am: Masterclasses with Bozidar Vukotic (Cello)
@ 2pm: Open rehearsal with Torbay Symphony Orchestra
@ 6pm: Pre-concert talk

@ 7.30pm - Concert

Mozart: Sinfonia Concertante for Violin and Viola - Soloists: Ofer Falk (Violin), Kaija Lukas (Viola)
Dvorak: Concerto for Cello - Soloist: Bozidar Vukotic
Beethoven: Concerto for Violin - Soloist: Ofer Falk

Torbay Symphony Orchestra
Leader: Chris Eastman
Conductor: Richard Gonski